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Rent a floor cleaning robot and join the future of cleaning today

Squads of industrial cleaning robots with Autopilot developed by Squad Robotics are becoming reliable members of cleaning company staffs in shopping malls, factories, warehouses and other large area facilities on an everyday duty.​

No need for large upfront investments – chose the rental option.​


Free trial period to be sure about Your satisfaction


Data based cleaning process optimization


Short implementation period – all solutions are ready and easy to use


Support on implementation throughout the rental period​


Improves Your company`s image and team working conditions


Step by step process to new level data-based cleanliness:

1. Your decision to become a modern cleaning company of tomorrow and streamline the cleaning process​


2. Schedule a cleaning robot rent! With a contract for a year – get a free trial for the first month​


3. Our staff sets up and trains the cleaning robot, adapting it to the operational environment to meet your specific needs​​


4. Let the robot do all the repetitive work and enjoy benefits of measurable cleanness​


5. Feel confident with updates and operative 24/7 technical support throughout the rental period

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