Squad Robotics


Leading the floor cleaning industry into the autonomous era

Last year, European cleaning companies spent more than €7bn on worker salaries, simply to push 1.2 million machines around buildings every day ... on the same route!

This is about to change. Autonomous floor cleaning machines are currently being introduced to 1500 Walmart stores in the States, and will be soon present across Europe.

We are helping manufacturers, cleaning services companies and facility owners rise to this opportunity, ensuring low risks and manageable costs.

Updated ecosystem fig.png

Our partners are able to:

  • Participate in rapid prototyping and testing activities between platform members.

  • Access a large & growing database, and system requirements specific to member business goals.

  • Learn efficiently from the dynamics across the industry / ecosystem.

  • Understand technology options and the ability to participate with managed risk & cost.

Low-cost fully autonomous technology


Self-mapping capability


Multiple robots working in teams

floor srcubber.png

Applicable to ride-on machines


And also walk-behinds

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