Squad Robotics

How it works

Indoor positioning system made easy!

How it works?

With the help of a camera, the system scans for markers and when it sees one, it logs the time and its relative positioning according to the marker it sees.


The collected data is saved as a log file, where all the information is collected.


System uses WiFi to transfer data to the server, where it can be accessed through web and data about equipment can be seen in real-time.


Data captured

Routes of equipment

In use/idle time


Cleaned/uncleaned spots



The setup of the system is extremely easy - Attach the device to a power source, place it at a position, where it has a clear view of the ceiling, and place and note down the position of the markers on the ceiling.


Connection to a power source

Connect the device to a power source output like the equipment battery.


Placement on the cleaning equipment

Place it on the floor cleaning equipment so that it has a direct visibility of the ceiling.


Markers on the ceiling

Place and note down the locations of the markers. The number of markers depends on the achievable precision.