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Squad Robotics are experienced developers together with whom making the journey into autonomous cleaning dimension is fast and easy

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Squad Robotics mission is to help cleaning industry smoothly transmit into world of robotics with all inclusive package of tools and professional support.

We create a technology driven cleaning service ecosystem where technical solutions, AI and autonomous mobile robots offload people's work and raise the cleanliness to a new level as reliable cleaning team members.


Squad Robotics history

We started our journey into the world of robotics in 2015, developing the first working prototypes of autonomous robots. Later we developed the first iteration of the SQR Autopilot attachable to existing cleaning machines, allowing to transform them into autonomous cleaning robots. Since 2018 we have focused on solving the cleaning industry's challenge through robotics – and have done it with success:




Attracted EU funding and earned the trust of of leading Baltic and German investors, that allowed solutions to be developed till ready-to-use stage faster




Launched ready-to-use SQR Autopilot - a profitable solution for manufacturers allowing to transform existing cleaning machines into autonomous cleaning robots;




Together with two of the leading cleaning machine manufacturers Stolzenberg and Columbus introduced autonomy into their existing machines;​




Eased transformation of cleaning into measurable cleaning by launching cleaning robots rental service (to cleaning professionals).

Meet Squad Robotics team

Today Squad Robotics is a team that is giving a new meaning to cleaning. We are eager team players with the superpowers to bring autonomous functionality to your machines and cleaning operations. Located in the heart of the Baltics, Riga, we work with excellent manufacturers of industrial cleaning machines around the world and our cleaning robots are available for rent throughout Europe.

Mārtiņš Banis

Business developments& product management

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Management Team

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Matīss Brunavs

General management & investment relations

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Didzis Dejus

Member of

Supervisory board

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main contact

Squad Robotics contact information

Squad Robotics Headquarter:

Braslas street 22D

Riga, LV-1035


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