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Smart automatization for the market leading industrial floor cleaning machines

Squad Robotics offers an all-inclusive journey helping manufacturers introduce product lines of the best industrial mobile cleaning robots

No need to hire own software departments or have enormous upfront investments​


Decrease the time-to-market to bring your robot to your customer in a matter of months


Get access to industry leading AI algorithms that are being trained as the fleet becomes larger.


SquadOS ensures full robot functionality​


Turn your existing product lines into autonomous ones with minimal modification​


Reduce the technology development risk by using SQR Autopilot that has already been validated in the real-world environments​


Ready-to-use robot control app


Enjoy long-term support and software upgrades


Squad Robotics knowledge, experience and a drive for discovery

With knowledge and experience, zeal in our hearts and tremendous perseverance we have developed and tested software solutions and sensor capabilities, pushed countless cleaning machines to the limit to discover a way for Your smooth transfer to autonomous robots.

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