Squad Robotics


Guiding manufacturers into the autonomous era


In Europe, last year, cleaning companies spent approximately £6.4bn to pay people, who simply push 1,2 million machines around a building... everyday... on the same route.


We’re providing manufacturers of floor cleaning machinery with a marker-based real-time indoor positioning system used for asset performance monitoring system and an indoor sensor system for equipment automation!


Asset Performance Monitoring unit

A marker-based localization system

floor srcubber.png

Applicable to any brand of cleaning equipment


Get insights about your work!


Once Squad Robotics is in place the manufacturers are able to:

  • Earn more by selling smarter cleaning machines, and generate new revenue streams by offering their customers our asset performance monitoring system;

  • Reduce the operating costs for their customers by removing the need for manual labour;

  • Become early innovators and lead the industry towards a data driven approach.


We are using GPS to track our equipment outdoors, we need something to give us insights about the work we do indoors. Squad Robotics is providing this.
— CleanR

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