Squad Robotics


Guiding manufacturers into the autonomous era


In Europe, last year, cleaning companies spent approximately £6.4bn to pay people, who simply push 1,2 million machines around a building... everyday... on the same route.


We are helping manufacturers of industrial cleaning machines convert their existing manually operated machines into autonomous ones. By using our low-risk, reliable approach we can get manufacturers into the autonomous machine race.

floor srcubber.png

Applicable to ride-on machines


And also walk-behinds

Low-cost fully autonomous technology

Our technology is unique as it combines cost-efficient components and our open robot platform technology. The first allows for faster penetration and adoption by their clients. The second allows to have multiple different autonomous machines work together in teams.



Once Squad Robotics is in place the manufacturers are able to:

  • Earn more by selling smarter cleaning machines, and generate new revenue streams by offering their customers our asset performance monitoring system;

  • Reduce the operating costs for their customers by removing the need for manual labour;

  • Become early innovators and lead the industry towards a data driven approach.


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